Health care Emc Lab


The laboratory team consist of highly experienced team of bio-chemists, microbiologists....
Health care Xray department

X-Ray Department

Shiamozue –D 200 MA Rad General high frequency multiple X-Ray unit with Fujifilm Computerized Radiography....
Healthcare medicines

24 Hour Pharmacy

Reliable quality medicines are available round the clock for the patients all the days in a week. A 15% discount on....
Service Health Insurance

Insurance Help Desk

Insurance help desk is provided for assistance to patients who are seeking cashless treatment from their insurance....
Medical Center in Erode

In -Patient Accommodation

EMC offers a wide range of In-Patient accommodation ranging from General ward, Twin sharing rooms....
hospital facilities

Ambulance Service

Ambulance service is available with necessary facilities like ventilators and oxygen cylinder etc. The ambulance service can....
Home 5 Clinic Dots

24x7 Emergency and Ambulance Services

The 100 bedded multispecialty hospital named
Erode Medical Centre (EMC)